Public Lands Council

The Wyoming Public Lands Coalition, in part with the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA), Wyoming Wool Growers(WWG) and the Wyoming State Grazing Board (WSGB) ask for Voluntary Assessments is part of their affiliation to the National Public Lands Council (PLC) and financial commitment to the Wyoming Public Lands Council.

PLC works as your voice in Washington, D.C., providing ranchers who hold public land grazing rights constant representation on Capitol Hill and strive to retain the integrity of state laws and our private property rights.  

Please contribute and help PLC protect your rights on public lands.

Base Assessment: $50.00 Please note that you can pay this amount online.

Per Head Controbution ($0.25) cents per head of livestock on public grazing lands: Please calculate according to your operation and call our WSGA office to make this controbution. 


Visit: for moreingormation or call (202) 879-9135.

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